How to Improve Your Front Entrance

Guests never approach your home from the back, which means the appearance of your front entry will make a lasting first impression. 

We get so used to seeing the front of our homes every day that we actually stop “seeing” what it looks like to others. The untrimmed shrubs, chipped paint on the stairs or railings, broken bricks on the walkway, or lanterns missing a pane of glass that we never got around to fixing are now a priority if you’re hosting the big family reunion, Thanksgiving dinner, backyard wedding, or other festive event. Now that it’s time for you to take action, we’re to help with easy ideas for upgrading the appearance of your home.

Light the Way

How to Improve Your Front Entrance - LightsOnline Blog

Examine your entrance in daytime as well as evening.

Is the lighting fixture too small in scale when compared to the door?

Do you need to add another light for aesthetic balance or safety?

Is there enough illumination when putting the key in the lock or for seeing a person standing there when it’s dark outside?

Is the finish on the lighting fixture pitted or scratched?

Is the glass cracked or the top loose?

Does the style suit the look of the home or does it look like an afterthought from the previous owner or builder?

If you repainted your house or added a material (i.e. brick, stone) to the façade, the lighting fixtures should be changed as well to complement the new look.

Fortunately, purchasing new outdoor lighting is a very affordable way to instantly upgrade the aesthetic of your home. If you haven’t illuminated the path leading up to the entrance, you’ll want to add landscape and path lighting; it will add dimension to your lawn while also helping family and guests to navigate the path safely.

These fixtures take a beating all year long – they can be clipped by lawnmowers in summer, by snow shovels in winter, and the finish can get dull from daily UV exposure. Take a close look at the condition of these fixtures to make sure they are in good working order. There are many decorative styles on the market that will enhance your home’s overall design scheme.

Form a Path

How to Improve Your Front Entrance - LightsOnline Blog

If you don’t already have a marked walkway leading from the street or driveway to your front door, it’s time to create one. It’s a decorative touch with a purpose: a solid path prevents guests from having muddy shoes or sinking heels when visiting your home in rainy weather or after the sprinklers have been turned off.

Experts say the path should measure three feet wide, a comfortable width for two people to walk side by side. If you already have a path, consider enhancing your presentation by adding flower beds along one or both sides.

Transform Your Door

How to Improve Your Front Entrance - LightsOnline Blog

If you want to give your home a quick lift, painting your door a different color will provide an instant refresh. If budget allows, upgrade your door entirely by opting for a new one with glass inserts, a Dutch door configuration, or one with raised panels. If you’d rather keep the existing door, consider replacing the hardware (handle, knobs, lockset) with a more luxurious style.

You can also install molding, brackets, columns, or trim around the door frame to bring subtle architectural touches to the entrance. For unprotected entrances, adding a small roof or awning over the front door will provide some respite from the elements while also serving as a distinctive feature.

Add Panache to Your Porch

How to Improve Your Front Entrance - LightsOnline Blog

If your front entry includes a porch, you can easily achieve an upscale look by selecting some of the new decorative, weather-resistant outdoor furniture on the market. Add a colorfully patterned outdoor rug to visually anchor the seating area and install a damp-rated ceiling fan if possible for true “outdoor living room” appeal.

There are also outdoor-rated portable lamps (if there are outdoor outlets handy) and battery-operated lanterns to underscore the welcoming vibe.

Whether your entrance has a porch or not, having potted flowers flanking the door will instantly brighten any entry. For a traditional look, stick to solid colors; mix flowers of various colors and sizes to achieve more of a contemporary edge.

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