Lighting Makeover with Lindsay Aratari

One way to make a big style difference in a room is to undergo a lighting makeover! Simply swap out old light fixtures–even just one or two–for something that you chose and you’ll see what a difference lighting can make.

That’s what our collaboration partner Lindsay Aratari did! In fact, we helped her with a lighting makeover in two different spaces: her family room and her front patio.

In her family room, we provided two Trade Winds Fremont 3-light ceiling lights in natural brass. We are big fans of brass finishes and so we were excited to see how these lights would look in her space.

(Trade Winds is our exclusive lighting brand and brings you chic, stylish lighting at prices you’ll love! You can learn more here.)

Lighting Makeover with Lindsay Aratari - LightsOnline Blog

Looking great! Love the kids’ play area there, too. Here’s a look at both of the Fremont lights in place:

Lighting Makeover with Lindsay Aratari - LightsOnline Blog

If you’re curious about the layout, this area is actually a large downstairs open area. It plays many roles for the Arataris: living room, home office, play area and guest room!

“We had several [lights] in our home that just weren’t vibing with our home so we decided to swap them out,” Lindsay explains on her blog. “Flush mount lighting has come a long [way]! There are so many beautiful light fixtures now that make it hard to choose sometimes!”

Sometimes just making a decision is the hardest part! But, Lindsay is glad she made the choice of Fremont.

“I love how modern and chic they are. They feel so elegant yet casual. I love the gold tone which I have throughout our home mixed with the white shade. The detailing on the lights is so pretty too,” she says.

She also agrees with our feelings on lighting makeovers!

“Lighting can be such a great change for a space. It really updates a room and gives it a whole new look.”

Now let’s take things outside!

Lighting Makeover with Lindsay Aratari - LightsOnline Blog

Lindsay illuminates her patio with Savoy House Exterior Collections wall lanterns in black. Thanks to their small size (and small price tag!), these little lanterns are ideal for situations where you need to use a lot of lights in a row as Lindsay did.

“The lights on the exterior of our home were outdated, crooked/broken, and not our style. I wanted to update them to fit our style better. We also didn’t have functioning lights so as a safety measure, we wanted the lights fixed,” she says on her blog. Yes! Outdoor lights are really important for safety.

Because Lindsay’s house was built in the 1960s, she wanted to look for lights that were in keeping with the vibes–something “simple, classic, and timeless.” The exterior is also on the smaller side (another hallmark of midcentury style) and so she didn’t want anything too large.

“They are perfect! I love the size of them. They are matte black and look beautiful when on.”

Lighting Makeover with Lindsay Aratari - LightsOnline Blog

Especially at night! (Great call adding on the string lights, too, for even more glow.)

The Exterior Collection lights are also being used in the front of the Aratari house, at the garage.

“The curved top to the more square bottom, it’s really pretty. It’s a good mix of modern, midcentury, and traditional, which is exactly what I wanted,” Lindsay says. “They make the exterior of our home look much more updated. Little by little, we will get there, but this is a big step!”

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