How to Find the Perfect Sunroom Lighting

A sunroom provides your home with a bright and relaxing space that offers great views of the great outdoors without exposing you to the elements. You can escape into a sunroom for a solo coffee date, a fun afternoon activity or a quiet evening with family and friends. If you find yourself with a sunroom that needs redecorating, don’t forget to think about lighting fixtures that will enhance the environment. To determine the best sunroom lighting options, ask yourself these four essential questions.

What Is Outside of the Sunroom?

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A sunroom looks out on the landscape or any features you have outside. The large windows or insulated glass walls of a sunroom can make it feel like you’re not actually indoors and this means that the environment outside of your sunroom primarily impacts the lighting of the room. If there is plenty of natural light, you may opt for less lighting in the sunroom, hanging string lights or smaller pendant lights instead of larger or brighter fixtures.

What Does the Ceiling Look Like?

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Some sunrooms have glass panels on the ceiling to allow for more natural light. While this kind of ceiling is a lovely way to enhance the room’s atmosphere, it may also require more strategy if you want to hang chandeliers or other ceiling lights. Alternatively, if the ceiling of your sunroom is like those in your other rooms, it’s easier for you to hang lighting fixtures. In particular, your sunroom may benefit from the addition of a chandelier with a fan. Chandeliers with fans help create a more comfortable environment, particularly in rooms that are naturally warmed by the sun.

What Are the Room Dimensions?

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Any time you decorate a room, you should take note of its dimensions. Not only is this important for furniture, floor decor and framing, but it is also a critical aspect of proper lighting. You don’t want to end up with too-small lights that do not adequately light the space or a too-big fixture that dominates the sunroom. An enormous light defeats the purpose of a room designed to let you enjoy the natural environment.

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What Other Decor Is in the Room?

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Finally, evaluate the other decor in your sunroom. Sunrooms usually have comfortable seating arrangements, including sofas, chairs and coffee tables. In addition, your sunroom may also include amenities like a bar cart, a game shelf, plants or a bistro set. The amount of furniture in the room and the style of your decor influences what kind of lighting fixture you choose. For example, you may decide to create a whimsical yet chic ambiance by hanging a dining room chandelier over rattan or wicker furniture.

Enhancing your sunroom with strategically selected lighting fixtures can help you enjoy your pseudo-outdoor experience. Think outside the box by using unique fixtures such as extravagant dining room chandeliers or contemporary pendant lighting. Now that you know the right questions to ask, you can create an escape for your family and friends to appreciate and enjoy.

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