Where Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers Differ

People have lit up their homes using ceiling fixtures for hundreds of years, and just like anything in this world, ceiling lights have changed and improved over time. Ceiling lights include a variety of different fixtures and have come a long way from the candle chandeliers of old. While chandeliers themselves are still popular, ceiling lights take on many different forms today. Which will work best for your home?

Basic Ceiling Fixtures for Lighting

With all of the different fixtures available, it will be useful for you to become familiar with some of the more common types of ceiling lights. If you are able to recognize some of the lights that are mounted to the ceiling in almost every home, you will more effectively decorate your home with efficiency and style!

Recessed Lights

It’s hard to find a modern home without recessed lights such as can lights. They’re usually found in kitchens and some other living areas in the home as a primary light source.

Flush Mounts 

Where Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers Differ - LightsOnline Blog

Flush mounts and semi-flush mounts are not set into the ceiling, but they don’t hang down like a chandelier, either. Flush mounts have just a small gap between the ceiling and the fixture while there is a bit of a drop between the ceiling and the fixture on a semi-flush light.

Pendant lights 

Where Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers Differ - LightsOnline Blog

Pendants and drum pendants drop down from the ceiling over tables and desks and in entryways, kitchens or dining rooms. They can be elongated with an additional extension or downrod. Pendants sometimes look like slimmer versions of small chandeliers.

Stylish Chandeliers Stand Apart

Where Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers Differ - LightsOnline Blog

Chandeliers are a type of ceiling light, but more of a ceiling fixture. They are functional but primarily chosen for decorative purposes. Chandeliers are often used as statement pieces and different kinds of chandeliers will suit various rooms in your home.

Dining Room Chandeliers

One type of chandelier that is commonly found in many homes is dining room chandeliers. These pieces are the stunning statement decor that your family and guests will notice first when they enter the room. Dining room chandeliers bring more ambiance to a dining area and work with other pieces to decorate your home.  

Bathroom Chandeliers

Bathroom chandeliers are smaller chandeliers, but that doesn’t mean they’re understated. Bathroom chandeliers often feature decorative crystals or an intricate design, though some are sleeker for a modern look.

Living Room Chandeliers

The chandeliers hung in living rooms have a more practical use. They may have a more prominent, less decorative face and other useful features like the blades of a fan. You can hang chandeliers with fans to light up a room and make it a more comfortable environment for friends and family.

Ceiling fixtures are such a nuanced and distinct area of home decor. There are subtleties that set particular fixtures, such as flush mounts and dining room chandeliers, in completely different categories or subcategories of ceiling fixtures. When you want to enhance the lighting in your home, you should evaluate your space to understand whether you want recessed or flush lights or whether you should look for chandeliers for sale. Understanding the difference between these fixtures will help you bring new life into your home.   

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