What is Ambient Lighting?

Ambient lighting, sometimes also known as general lighting, is the main source of lighting in a room and is extremely important in indoor lighting design. It should not be the only source of illumination in a space, but people sometimes stop and declare the job done after putting in an ambient light source.

That’s not a good idea. When you have just one light fixture that is too intense and not balanced out by other sources of illumination, everything is made uncomfortably bright–that’s called a glare bomb!

Ambient lighting, as part of a multi-layered lighting approach, serves many purposes: it softens shadows and glare, it’s versatile and it warms up a room.

Types of ambient lighting fixtures

Flush mounts: These fixtures sit flush to the ceiling and are very commonly used as ambient light sources.

Semi-flush mounts: These are very similar to flush mounts, but hang just below the ceiling so as to illuminate from above and below the fixture.

What is ambient lighting? - LightsOnline Blog

Chandeliers: These can also be decorative lighting simply because of how they look like room jewelry, but chandeliers are often deployed as ambient lighting.

Entry lights: These lights are especially good for foyers and hallways, places where you won’t spend much time and don’t need sophisticated light layering, but still need to be able to see for the short time you are in there.

Ceiling fans with lights: These provide illumination and comfort, plus the light kits are often interchangeable, so you can change the way your ceiling fan looks and lights without much hassle.

Ambient light fixtures come in all shapes, sizes, styles and prices. Whether you want something ultra-modern, a traditional-looking flush mount, a crystal chandelier or an intriguing entry light, you’re sure to find what you need and what fits your space. Then, you can start layering your lights by adding coordinating taskaccent and decorative fixtures!

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