The Complete Ceiling Fan Sizing Guide

The Complete Ceiling Fan Sizing Guide

If you’re thinking about adding or updating ceiling fans in your home, you’re making a great choice! Ceiling fans help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter – plus, you’ll save money on your energy bills all year long.

It’s important to make sure you get the right size ceiling fan. One that’s too small won’t look right in the room or keep you adequately comfortable. One that’s too big will overwhelm the room. Plus, getting the right size the first time means no need to make any returns!

Our ceiling fan sizing guide will help you find the perfect size fan for your space.

Ceiling fan sizing

To get the right size ceiling fan, you’ll need to measure the room’s length and width in feet. Then, multiply those two numbers together—that’s the square footage of your room and that’s what we’ll use to find your ideal fan size.

For rooms of up to 75 square feet, look for ceiling fans that are between 29 to 36 inches.

For rooms from 75 to 175 square feet, look for ceiling fans that are between 42 to 48 inches.

For rooms from 175 to 350 square feet, look for ceiling fans that are between 52 to 56 inches.

For rooms that are more than 350 square feet, look for ceiling fans that are 60 inches or wider.

Here, we made it into a table, too:

Blade SpanIdeal ForRoom Size
29 to 36 inchesBathrooms, breakfast nooks, other small roomsUp to 75 sq. ft.
42 to 48 inchesBedrooms, kitchens, dining roomsUp to 175 sq. ft.
52 to 56 inchesLarge bedrooms, living rooms, media roomsUp to 350 sq. ft.
60 inches and moreExtra large living rooms, great rooms, rooms with 2-story ceilingMore than 350 sq. ft.

Ceiling fan hanging height

Do you have a high ceiling? Then you should use a longer downrod with a ceiling fan so that it isn’t stuck up too high in the ceiling—you can’t feel the breeze if it’s up too high!

Here’s a guide to what downrod length you’ll need based on the ceiling height in feet of the room.

Ceiling height Ideal downrod length
8 feetStandard
9 feet12″ downrod
10 feet18″ downrod
11 feet24″ downrod
12 feet36″ downrod
13 feet48″ downrod
14 feet60″ downrod
15 feet and more72″ downrod

Hang your ceiling fan at least 7 feet above the floor and at least 12 inches away from walls.

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