How to Select the Perfect Foyer Chandelier

You might have the most gorgeous kitchen, master bath, or bedroom in town, but the truth is, what people see when they walk into your home is literally the first impression they have of your design style.

All too often, that first impression might not even reflect your taste. Maybe you bought a new house in a residential development where all of the foyer fixtures in the neighborhood are variations of the same look.  Or perhaps you moved into a home where the previous residents had a very different design style.  

With the holidays around the corner and family and friends looking forward to spending time together, this is a great time to upgrade your foyer. Perhaps no single purchase will have as much visual impact in this area as the chandelier or central lighting fixture, so let’s take a look at how to choose the perfect foyer chandelier.  

Making an entrance

How to select the perfect foyer chandelier - Make a statement - LightsOnline Blog

Whether your home has a two-story foyer or a 10-foot ceiling, there are plenty of lighting options that will enhance Traditional, Transitional, and Contemporary décor.

Foyers with high ceilings allow you to express more creative flair by using “statement” chandeliers since the increased space allows for more variation in height and width than with a more shallow-depth fixture.

What is a “statement” fixture? The term refers to lighting designs that may not necessarily be part of a collection featuring a common theme echoed throughout the home, which was a popular trend in the 1990s and early 2000s. Nor do they resemble the multi-armed chandeliers of the past. The newest foyer fixtures sought after by interior designers today are visual show-stoppers in their own right — with sizes, shapes, or materials that truly make an aesthetic statement.

How to select the perfect foyer chandelier - try an open lantern light - photo credit @plankandpillow - LightsOnline Blog
Image credit @plankandpillow

Open cage lanterns with clean lines have become immensely popular as foyer fixtures, as have oversized simple circles that have none of the fussiness or heaviness of traditional chandeliers.  Depending on the décor style of the home, some interior designers are using basket-shaped pendants, while others are using clusters of chain-hung pendants with lighting elements that are placed vertically and asymmetrically for a unique look.   

For homes with 9- or 10-foot ceilings, there are beautiful lighting fixtures in a smaller scale that have more sophistication than the average close-to-ceiling light. Boasting slim profiles, they might have glass or fabric shades with a more upscale appearance that creates a preview of the decorative vibe you have chosen for your home. 

Setting the scene

How to select the perfect foyer chandelier - set the scene with decor - LightsOnline Blog

The rest of the foyer area is where you can also express your creative style. If space allows, a console table with flowers or accent lamps, stunning wall art, open shelving, or a simple chair or bench will add to the welcoming ambiance. In short, the foyer is the visual introduction to the interior of your home.

Take a moment to experience your foyer as a guest would. All too often, we don’t “see” our homes or décor the way someone new does. This is especially true if your family uses a side or back door as the main entry to the home.

Go outside, face the front door, open it and step inside. Do you like what you see? Is clutter immediately within view? Is there dust noticeable on a table, accent lamp, picture frame, or shelf? Now take a close look at the lighting fixture that is there. Are you happy with the design statement it is making? It’s probably time for a change.

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