How to Earn an A+ in Creating a Home Schooling Area

Creating a Home Schooling Area - LightsOnline Blog

The pandemic has expanded our home activities to include making space for children’s daytime classroom learning. Complicating matters is the necessity that many parents are facing in shifting their own daily routines from commuting to the office to working remotely. These changes have made the home environment a bit more crowded and noisier during the day. How do you separate the living space so that both adults and children have privacy for participating in separate conversations?

Creating a Home Schooling Area - LightsOnline Blog - Design and photography by Eri Sabalvoro. Photo provided by Hudson Valley Lighting Group.
Design and photography by Eri Sabalvoro. Photo provided by Hudson Valley Lighting Group.

For teenagers, creating a work space in their bedroom is an effective solution. Chicago-area interior designer Stephanie Tuliglowsi of SJT Interiors recommends adding shelves that can accommodate text books, binders, and other school essentials. Wall-hung organizer brackets are another option to keep school work organized. No room for a full desk? Create a “floating desk” by installing a wide and deep shelf flush to the wall. This will save space and still provide enough room for teens’ legs to fit underneath.

Creating a Home Schooling Area - LightsOnline Blog - photo by on Instagram
Photo credit – on Instagram

For families with younger school-age children who need more supervision, devising a work space in the kitchen or adjacent dining area within sight of an adult is ideal. Having room for a second chair is convenient in case parents need to sit down and help children with a school activity or provide extra tutoring. To control clutter, many families use a two- or three-tier cart on wheels to store art supplies and bulkier items, then simply roll the cart out from a closet as needed. Stackable wicker baskets are handy for storing school supplies along a bookcase or on a sideboard in the dining area.

Creating a Home Schooling Area - LightsOnline Blog

Regardless of how much natural light is in the room where the student is learning, there should be additional task lighting to highlight the table or desk surface. There are many task lamps available now with long-lasting LED light sources and convenient amenities such as dimmability, flexible and adjustable arms for positioning the light, and even USB ports on the bases for charging devices. 

Depending on the work area, a wall-mounted lighting fixture with an adjustable arm or a floor lamp with a generous reach are viable options for illuminating the desk without taking up space. Supplementing the natural and ambient light in the room with additional desk lighting reduces eye strain, which can cause headaches and fatigue for both the children and the adults using an at-home work space.

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