How to Create Comfortable Guest Bedroom Lighting

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For many households, what’s referred to as the “guest bedroom” consists of an existing bed that was moved into the “spare” room after a new bed purchase, along with an old bureau or nightstand. There’s nothing wrong with repurposing furniture in this way, but to offer extra comfort for your guests, there are inexpensive touches you can make to add a feeling of luxury.

Be Your Own Guest

How to create comfortable guest bedroom lighting - LightsOnline Blog

When it comes to guest bedrooms, all too often people assume that the space will be comfortable for guests when, in actuality, very few have experienced it for themselves.

Just how comfortable is your guest bedroom? Give it a try and spend a night – or even take a short nap – to see for yourself. Is the bed lumpy? Adding a cushioned mattress topper will increase the longevity of the bed while improving guest comfort.

Instead of using spare sheets, why not elevate the guest room experience by purchasing linens with a higher thread count expressly for your visitors. Egyptian cotton sheets with an 800 thread count are considered the gold standard in luxe bedding when it comes to how soft the fabric feels next to skin. In addition to an attractive quilt, a throw or duvet at the base of the bed will provide the option of another layer if guests feel chilly during the night.

Purchasing new pillows is highly recommended, but be mindful that some people have allergies to duck feathers (i.e. down) and other materials. There are a variety of hypoallergenic pillows on the market that would be a great choice to eliminate any allergy concerns.

Another benefit of assessing your guest bedroom in the evening is to discover whether there is any intrusive outdoor light coming into the room from the street or neighbor’s security light.  Room-darkening curtains are very reasonably priced and will aid your visitors in having an undisturbed sleep. Nighttime is also the perfect opportunity to make sure there is adequate lighting in the guest room — and that the lamps or lighting fixture are plugged in and have no burned-out bulbs.

Lighting = Comfort

How to create comfortable guest bedroom lighting - LightsOnline Blog

Since homeowners don’t spend much time in their guest bedrooms, it’s easy to overlook simple things that can have a significant impact on comfort. Is there at least one lamp by the bed – ideally, one on each side – for guests to easily read or use their tablets/smart phones? Is there an overhead light to prevent them from stumbling across the room in the dark to reach a lamp?

Lamp recommendations: Currey & Company Pila, Arteriors Tonto, Uttermost Atherton

While having a plug-in nightlight is a quick solution for helping visitors navigate unfamiliar surroundings, putting the overhead light source – whether that’s a chandelier, ceiling light, or ceiling fan – on a dimmer will give more flexibility and visual comfort by allowing guests to set their preferred light level.

Chandelier recommendations: Minka Lavery Parsons Studio, Trade Winds Mansfield, Craftmade Winton

Ceiling light recommendations: Elan Piatt, Savoy House Rosendal, Quoizel Platinum Abode

Ceiling fan recommendations: Hunter Bennett, Trade Winds Berkeley Lake, Minka-Aire Light Wave

Just as in a main living space, having multiple sources of light will enrich the enjoyment of a guest room. An accent lamp on a dresser or bedside table or a soft cove lighting effect on the ceiling will create a cozy ambiance.

For small rooms, using wall-mounted lighting fixtures beside the bed will provide the proper amount of illumination without taking up valuable space on the nightstand. Similarly, interior designers are now hanging beautiful pendants above each side of the bed as a fresh alternative to sconces. Classic table lamps remain popular on nightstands for establishing a relaxing mood.

Wall light recommendations: Trade Winds Retro, Savoy House Morland, George Kovacs George’s Reading Room

Pendant recommendations: Visual Comfort Studio Hounslow, Maxim Diamond, ET2 Cassini

Offer an Airbnb Touch

How to create comfortable guest bedroom lighting - LightsOnline Blog

Over the past 10 years, Airbnb has become a popular budget-friendly alternative to hotel accommodations for people visiting an area to vacation or attend weddings, sports events, or conferences. If you are considering offering home sharing on a short-term basis, there are simple features you can add to the guest bedroom that will be appreciated by everyone who uses it.

Creating a small coffee bar can be as easy as placing a small Keurig, electric kettle, or drip coffeemaker on the dresser, along with a basket of creamers, stirrers, sweeteners and mugs. Offering refreshments in the room gives guests privacy instead of forcing them to use the more public areas of the home late at night or early in the morning, when they might worry about waking others.

Most drug stores offer travel size amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bath soap, toothpaste, and mouthwash at a low price. Stocking up on these to have on hand for guests is a welcoming gesture that underscores the feeling of hospitality.   

While you are purchasing luxurious linens for the bed, consider upgrading your guest towel selection and having them conveniently stacked on a chair or shelf for easy access. If there’s room, a comfy armchair or a writing desk that can also fit a laptop will be greatly appreciated. Some desk and task lamps have a handy USB port on the base for charging phones and devices, or you can buy a plug-in charger that offers several different ports in one spot.

Another hotel-like amenity your guests will love is a full-length mirror so they don’t have to leave the room during the dressing process. You can install a wall mirror, a behind-the-door model, or a free-standing cheval style if space allows. 

Wall hooks, baskets, and deep shelves are other easy-to-implement storage solutions that increase guests’ convenience and enjoyment of the bedroom.

You can find a wide variety of products – from lamps, sconces and chandeliers to mirrors, wall art, and home accents – to transform your spare room into a more luxurious guest bedroom at!

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