How to Choose Outdoor Lighting That Lasts  

For years, homeowners in coastal areas have experienced the disappointment of salt air corroding and pitting the finishes on their outdoor lanterns, detracting from the beauty of their homes.

Some of the things we love about coastal areas, such as bright sun and briny air, can be detrimental to outdoor products. Color fading from the continual UV exposure and corrosion from salty air and water are the most common problems.   

Fortunately, there are now exterior fixtures made from new materials or finishing techniques that can hold up to the toughest weather conditions. These hardy fixtures are well worth the investment for homes in salt air environments, not only from an aesthetic viewpoint but also because they are warrantied to be maintenance-free for years.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting That Lasts - Lights Online Blog

The secret to these new fixtures’ extraordinary durability lies in the mix of composite materials used. Often these proprietary composites include powdered natural stone blended with other materials such as latex or adhesive; or the fixtures are protected by marine-grade paint or a double-coat finishing process.

When selecting ceiling fans, pendants, sconces, and chandeliers for outdoor use, look for a “wet location” safety listing. The wet-location listing means that the fixtures have a waterproof seal and are able to safely withstand moisture from rain, dripping water, and snow. Since these products are designed to be exposed to the elements, the materials are often made of a composite and impervious to warping, cracking, or pitting. 

Outdoor ceiling fans and lighting fixtures that are “damp-rated” are best installed in covered porches or patios. Damp-rated products need overhead protection so that they are not in direct contact with water. (Bonus tip: Look for the damp-rated listing when selecting bath lighting, too.)

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting That Lasts - Lights Online Blog

If you’re looking for outdoor products that will hold up to harsh weather conditions for years with minimal maintenance, consider upgrading to those made with composite materials and marked suitable for coastal environments. 

Different brands give their collections of sturdy outdoor lights different names, so when you’re shopping on LightsOnline, look for:

If you have any questions, our customer service team is happy to help you find outdoor lighting that lasts!


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