Dining Room Refresh with Stephanie

You know what makes every meal immediately better-looking and better-tasting? A dining room refresh! Perking up different parts of your dining room decor will bring a fresh new look to your home. One way to do just that, one that doesn’t involve the drama of painting or shopping for a new table is to bring in a nice new dining room light.

We worked with Stephanie, a home decor and lifestyle blogger from San Antonio, to boost her dining room appeal by providing her with a Savoy House Townsend 5-light linear chandelier in warm brass finish. This extremely popular collection showcases an open lantern style that radiates midcentury modern charm but looks terrific in homes of many décor styles!

Because this particular Townsend light has a slimmer, longer design, it is especially well-suited for places like kitchen islands and dining room tables. The latter is exactly where Stephanie put her Townsend.

Dining Room Refresh with Stephanie - LightsOnline Blog

It’s so beautiful and bright!

“When I decided to refresh my dining room I knew I wanted to change the lighting for something more classic and simple yet bold and elegant,” Stephanie says. “This beauty transformed the entire room and is the perfect statement piece. You all know how much I love my statement pieces.”

That’s true–we also like how Townsend is accentuated with that lovely vase of budding branches!

Stephanie also likes to change up her dining room décor with the seasons. Here’s her table with an Easter theme:

Dining Room Refresh with Stephanie - LightsOnline Blog

So cute, right?! Townsend works perfectly with springy pastel hues.

More recently, Stephanie polished the table and decided to show it off by accentuating with one smaller piece of décor.

Dining Room Refresh with Stephanie - LightsOnline Blog

It’s always fun to check in on Stephanie’s Instagram to see her glam style–and to see if the Townsend is there! You can follow her on Insta, too!

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