From Bold to Brass: Lighting Trends for Spring

The end of winter is finally in sight, so it’s time to prepare for spring with a refresh of your home decor. Why not start with your lighting fixtures? Just like fashion, lighting trends change from season to season and year to year. They can be decorative, functional, exciting and more.

When you choose unique, on-trend designs, your lighting becomes the focal point of a room and enriches everything in its vicinity. Here are four ways to make your lighting bolder, brassier or more elegant.

Bulbs That Bare Their Soul

The Mitzi Pippin pendant showcases bare bulb style - From Bold to Brass: Lighting Trends for Spring - LightsOnline Blog

Contemporary, bare-bulb lighting fixtures are starting to get the attention they deserve. These pieces are artistic, stylish, bright and they can be an excellent way to illuminate a foyer or kitchen with bright, cool light. Chandeliers with bare bulbs can provide a renewed vibrancy to your home this spring. Whether you choose a lighting fixture with an artistic cluster of bare bulbs or a structured chandelier with evenly spaced attributes, this style is a surprisingly fun way to refresh your home’s lighting.

Black Fixtures That Blend In

The Generation Lighting Belle pendant is finished in bold black - From Bold to Brass: Lighting Trends for Spring - LightsOnline Blog

Black is a classic finish to feature on your lighting fixtures or your ceiling fans. Matte black finishes, in particular, will be in style this spring. To make your black fixture an arresting and fascinating piece of decor, you can hang it in a sunroom or outdoors on a patio. When daylight fades, turn on your beautiful black fixture, and its structure will melt into the background, allowing the light to look like it is suspended in the air. 

Chandeliers That Make a Statement

From Bold to Brass: Lighting Trends for Spring - LightsOnline Blog

Bold chandeliers are making a comeback. If you’re looking to energize your home this spring with interesting and elegant decor, chandeliers elevate a room’s atmosphere and bring a new talking point to the table. Dining room chandeliers are both decorative and functional, so you may find one that allows you to indulge your sense of artistry. You can find striking chandeliers for sale that can fit into your budget and still look gorgeous.

Brass Finishes That Blend

Brass finishes are beautiful - From Bold to Brass: Lighting Trends for Spring - LightsOnline Blog

Brassy finishes are a warm, classy way to create a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Brass lighting fixtures come in a variety of designs and work well with contemporary and industrial styles as well as decorative designs. It will also pair well with the other lighting styles described here. If you can’t find a lighting fixture with a brass finish that matches your home’s aesthetic, try expanding your search to include Avignon or brushed-bronze finishes. You can find dining room chandeliers with brass, Avignon and brushed bronze from online purveyors of high-quality lighting.

Use the start of a new season as an opportunity to refresh your home decor. Shake off winter and shed some light on the rooms in your home using distinctive lighting trends that are beautiful, exciting and unique to your sense of style.

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