Mini Chandeliers 101

Mini chandeliers 101 -

Once upon a time, the dining room or foyer was the only place in the home where people would normally see a chandelier. Because chandeliers were once very heavy and expensive, they were reserved for the most formal areas of the home.

Enter the mini chandelier, designed to punctuate smaller spaces with the timeless appeal of a chandelier. Mini chandeliers are perfect for today's lifestyles because they work great in so many areas, no matter how small. Say you don't have a formal dining area in your home, but you have a breakfast nook and want to spruce it up a bit. A mini chandelier is perfect for that job!

Mini chandeliers are now being used in countless ways throughout the home. Here are a few of the places where mini chandeliers are popping up, plus ideas for incorporating the mini chandelier look in your own space!

Master Bedrooms. As your personal haven, your master bedroom deserves something special--even if your bedroom is less like a palace and more like a pallet. Putting in a mini chandelier will instantly transform your bedroom, adding a nice touch of sparkle and luxury.

Girls' Rooms. Many mini chandelier designs are feminine and fun, making them an ideal choice for girls' rooms. Choose a style with flowers or crystal accents for fashionable, useful lighting that she will love.

Guest Bedrooms. Install a mini chandelier in your guest bedroom and it'll feel more like a swanky hotel room! Mini chandeliers are a great choice for upping your guest room's style when you're on a tight budget.

Master Bathrooms. Master bathrooms, particularly large ones, need overhead ambient lighting in addition to the task lighting that vanity lights provide. Mini chandeliers are the perfect choice for this! With so many choices available, it's easy to choose one that coordinates with your bathroom fixtures. (Please follow electrical codes regarding the installation of lights above and near bathtubs.)

Kitchens. In this case, mini chandeliers are often deployed in a matching pair or a trio to go over a kitchen island. This is a great choice if you have a standout marble or granite countertop on your kitchen island, but chandelettes can also be used as a source of ambient lighting in a small kitchen or mounted inside a small breakfast nook, eat-in, dining area--you name it, a mini chandelier can go there.

These are just a few of the ways to use a mini chandelier, however. The possibilities are endless! Stay true to your personal style and be creative because you really can't go wrong with a mini chandelier.

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