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Whether you have retired to a beach community, own a special vacation home or want to create a coastal paradise in the landlocked suburbs, the proper lighting is key to creating a peaceful, serene seaside effect! Coastal lighting is rising dramatically in popularity and widely available. Plus, there are many different styles of coastal, such as sleeker modern looks or rustic seaside flair. When you're shopping for coastal lighting, look for these features.

  • Nautical Elements. Many coastal lighting styles feature nautical looks: clean, simple lines combined with weathered, rust or metallic finishes. If it makes you think of a submarine or a lighthouse, it has nautical elements. From outdoor lighting to mini pendant designs, nautical-inspired styles always work well in coastal homes. Lanterns are also a common coastal design standby. Note that it is okay to use outdoor lantern lights inside your home, which is one great way to get the seaside style. (Just don't try to use indoor lights outside!)
  • Shells and Natural Materials. The natural beauty of shells and stone are used more and more frequently in lighting design, producing absolutely stunning results. Capiz shells are an especially common element used in coastal lighting and it's easy to see why: their beautiful, iridescent hues lend themselves well to providing decoration and illumination. Plus, when genuine capiz shells are used, that means each piece is completely unique and features a handcrafted appeal. Other coastal materials used in lighting include coral, rattan, rope and wood.
  • Tropical Fans. Indoor and outdoor ceiling fans with oversized blades, often palm-shaped or made of wicker, provide an easygoing touch and an ocean breeze on demand! These help keep any home comfortable and can help reduce your air conditioning bill.

With a couple of key coastal lighting pieces in your home, you can truly transform your space into a seafaring paradise! Shop today to take advantage of up-to-the-minute trends in coastal lighting design.

Coastal lighting brands include Kichler, Quoizel and Troy Lighting, but the beachy look can also be found among other brands!

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