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When guests enter your home, what is their first reaction? In order to get that wow from your visitors (or future home buyers), you'll want to make sure your foyer lighting is up to par. From crystal chandeliers to simple flush mount lights, there are many foyer lighting options available. Read on for advice about choosing the perfect fit for your home!

What type of foyer lighting fixture do you need?

The most traditional choice for foyer lighting is the chandelier, an elegant choice for providing plenty of light and style for the home's entrance. Other fixtures gaining popularity for large foyers include pendants, which are ideal for slightly less formal lifestyles. There are a huge variety of chandelier and pendant styles to suit your space perfectly.

If your ceiling isn't tall enough for a hanging light, consider a semi-flush light. These offer more illumination than fixtures that install flush to the ceiling since they hang down slightly, so the light comes out of the top and bottom of the fixture. Semi-flush mounts are available in many upscale styles. If you're looking for something formal for your lower ceiling, consider a semi-flush that combines the look of a chandelier with the versatility of a flush mount.

Determining the correct size

There is a simple formula for determining the ideal width of your foyer light: the diameter of the fixture should be equal, in inches, to the sum of the width and length dimensions of the room. To determine the ideal height, consider the height of your ceiling. A hanging fixture should be at least 7 feet from the floor, but tall enough not to look "flat" in the space.

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How much light?

Generally, more light is needed in the foyer because of its large space. You definitely need enough light to see the room when you first enter the house, especially at night. Be sure that you provide plenty of light in this area, but not all from the same fixture, or you will get an unpleasant glare.

To achieve the absolute best results, always apply the lighting layer method to your foyer lighting. Think about where you need light the most: how about a pair of wall sconces up the stairway for an added measure of safety or a stylish lamp against a wall to draw attention to your favorite portrait? Step lights, generally used outdoors, are sometimes brought inside for a different way to illuminate a stairway.

What style is best?

Remember that your foyer sets the tone for the rest of your home. Be sure to choose a high-quality fixture that truly represents your unique style! Traditionally, home lighting is more formal in the front of the home (rooms like the foyer and dining room) and more casual toward the back (like in the kitchen or bedrooms). But if you have a very casual and laid back style throughout your whole home, don't try to be something you're not and pick a formal foyer light because you feel like you have to. You don't! Go with what speaks to you.

When you find a foyer light style you love, you can certainly supplement it with other lights (sconces, for example) from the same collection, but you do not have to do that! Mixing and matching can be fun too!

LED vs. Incandescent

You may want to consider using LED lighting in your foyer, whether you choose a fixture that uses LED light from the start or retrofit an incandescent fixture with LED bulbs later. This is particularly useful in foyer lighting that is high above the ground because you won't need to get up on a ladder and change the bulbs nearly as often, thanks to the extremely long lives of LED bulbs. Plus, there are more and more choices for stylish LED fixtures appearing on the market every day!

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