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Wall-Mounted Lamps for Reading and More

Wall-mounted reading lights, also known as wall lamps, are an excellent addition to any situation where a little more light is needed, especially for reading and other tasks. They are different from table lamps and wall sconces because they can move. Many wall lamps make use of a swinging arm, while some others have a flexible gooseneck. That way, the light can come to you instead of you having to go to the light.wall mounted lamps

Wall lamps are especially attractive for small spaces, such as little bedrooms or tiny home office situations, since they have a smaller footprint and don’t require a table. They are also good for kids’ rooms since the cords are hidden away, not posing as much of a risk. (That’s a good selling point for clumsy adults, too!)

Wall lamps can even help calm marital tensions. Yes, really! The famous Save Your Marriage lamp, designed by modern lighting master George Kovacs, featured two different adjustable lights mounted on the same plate. That way, one partner can be up late reading a real page-turner while the other is sleeping peacefully. The general idea behind Save Your Marriage is still alive today in wall lamps like the House of Troy Double Swing-Arm, Elk Lighting Westbrook and Access Lighting LED Gooseneck.

Helpful wall lamps come in a variety of styles and extension lengths, which range from 5 to 35 inches. Some wall lamps look like table lamps and even have shades, others are reminiscent of reading lamps at libraries and still others have different style highlights altogether. Modern styles, traditional styles, colorful shades, sleek monochromatic designs and Tiffany-style lamps are available for wall applications. There are even wall lamps that use LED lighting.

Here are some great examples of wall lamps in all the varying styles and types available.

House of Troy Swing-Arm: (pictured) This large collection of table lamp-style wall lamps includes different extension lengths and styles of shade and plate—a six-pointed star, a square, a basket-weave pattern and an oval, for example. Finishes available: brass, dark bronze, pewter, silver, white. Various extension lengths.

Sonneman Perch Pharmacy: These swing-arm wall lamps feature a half-dome shade and modern sleekness available in a glossy black, glossy orange, satin nickel or chrome finish. All styles feature a 18.5” extension length.

Elk Lighting Celina: A great wall lamp option for people who have an absolute favorite color. These lamps feature glass shades in various hues and designs, including a marbled look, bright yellow, mosaics, amber, red and blue. Mounted on chrome or black finishes to match any space.

George Kovacs LED Swing Arm: Dimmable, contemporary-style wall lamps that run off extremely efficient LED illumination and have small handles to help adjust the light. Available in copper, nickel, gold, brown and chrome finishes with two different lamp shapes.wall mounted gooseneck lights

Access Lighting Odyssey: (pictured) This sleek bronze halogen wall lamp is adjustable at both the gooseneck and the head, plus it’s dimmable.

Hudson Valley Exeter: This trio of wall lamps has an extremely long extension range of 33.5” and the light hangs down from the end of its arm. Bronze, old bronze or polished nickel finishes available.

Sonneman Perno: These contemporary wall lamps, offered in satin nickel or black brass, use 2 lights and have a little handle so that the illumination can be adjusted even further.

House of Troy Townhouse: Clean table lamp styling is spotlighted in this collection of two wall lamps in either polished nickel or raw brass finishes. 26” extension length.

Sonneman Bistro: For an intriguing modern look that brings to mind the chicest bistro in town, try this line of wall lamps in nickel or black finishes. Bistro features translucent shades so that the inner workings of the bulb are partially visible. Available with 16” or 25.5” extension lengths.

House of Troy Library: Angular, shaded wall lamps with dimmers, 16.5” extension lengths and weathered brass or oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

Landmark Mix-N-Match: Those who love Tiffany-style glasswork will enjoy this collection of wall lamps featuring many different styles and patterns on bronze bases with intricate metalwork.

Access Lighting LED Gooseneck: Available in single- and double-headed varieties. Single-headed styles are mounted on circular bases and finished in bronze, brushed steel or polished nickel. The double-headed style is on a square base with a brushed steel finish.

Sonneman Quadratto: A 2-light, 14” extension modern wall lamp that features a cylindrical linen shade and black brass or satin nickel finish.

If you're looking for an interesting solution to task lighting problems in your bedroom or beyond, consider adding wall lamps! Call our trained lighting specialists at 1-866-688-3562 for more advice.

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