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Kids room lighting ideas

Decorating a bedroom for your kid—or kids—can seem like a daunting task. What are the kids into right now? Will they still enjoy those things a few years down the road? What kind of lighting will they need in their room and how can the lighting fixtures fit the theme? Here are some kids room lighting ideas to demystify the process and make lighting a child’s bedroom as easy as pie.

Think about what your child really enjoys and consider using a light fixture to incorporate that passion. That way, it’s much easier to replace with a different fixture if or when the child outgrows that stage, unlike more time-intensive projects like painting the walls or more expensive investments like buying themed furniture.

The Landmark KidShine 3-Light semi-flush ceiling fixtures come in patterns like clouds, space and more. Elk Lighting also has novelty ceiling fixtures in patterns featuring hearts, butterflies and stars. There are even ones with attachments like dolphins and astronauts for a neat touch.

Use pendants to add touches of color and fun.

Kids room lightingKids who are huge sports fans will be amazed by Elk Lighting’s novelty pendants, which come in styles ranging from basketballs and skateboards to full replicas of football fields and hockey rinks. Add a dimmer to the smaller varieties, the ones that just resemble the ball for various sports, and hang the pendant near the bed to serve as a nice reading light and nightlight. (Shown Right: Elk Lighting Novelty Skate Board Pendant)

For the budding astronauts among us, check out items like Elk Lighting’s multicolored UFO-esque pendant or one that resembles the USS Enterprise from the Star Trek series. This George Kovacs Portables Collection table lamp also looks like it’s from somewhere out of this world. Older kids who are still dazzled by the stars might just love the George Kovacs Bling Bling collection, which includes mini pendants, drum pendants and sconces

A girls’ bedroom could be a great place for an infusion of glamor from a mini chandelier, also known as a chandelette. Check out the different colors available from the Elk Lighting Opulence collection or the white and pink Elk Lighting Minique. Elk Lighting’s Rosavita line (below right) includes gorgeous pink roses intertwined with the crystals. Another floral chandelette choice comes from Sterling Industries, which also offers crystal chandelettes in 3 cool colors. But for a less sparkly chandelier that will look good with anything, try something like the Minka Lavery 1730 Series 3-Light Mini Chandelier

Remember the importance of task lighting.

Of course, kids also need lighting options for tasks like reading and doing homework. For a really cool-looking lamp that your kids might just love, check out the three available hues of the Popsicle-shaped George Kovacs Portables Collection Chrome Table Lamp. Fashion-conscious teenage girls will enjoy the grown-up style of the Dimond Cressona Table Lamp or the Dimond Roseto Table Lamp. George Kovacs’ black table lamp from the Portables Collection is understated enough to blend in with any theme and stand the test of time. Wall-mounted task lamps like the Access Lighting Odyssey or LED Gooseneck work well next to a bed or bunk bed.

Elk Lighting Rosavita ChandelierSconces and pendants are a fun and affordable option to place by beds or in other locations around the room. Elk Lighting makes a gorgeous collection of Lacrima pendants in various bright styles and colors. More colorful options come from Elk Lighting’s Arco Baleno and Mulinello collections—maybe buy one or a few in your kid’s favorite color! For a more understated sconce that can go with any decorating theme, try Access Lighting’s Daphne series. 

Girls’ rooms with glamorous or Parisian inspirations could be the right place for a fancier sconce like the white Feiss Chateau Blanc 2-Light Sconce. Rooms in rustic styles would be a perfect fit for the Feiss Pickering Lane Sconce. European style can be perfectly expressed with the Feiss Jacqueline Mini Pendant that features a fancy printed pattern.

Keep in mind how the child's taste will change as they age.

The possibilities are endless for lighting a child’s bedroom. Another way to make the experience even more special is to let the kid or kids have input into what is selected—they’ll feel proud of what’s in their room, making them more likely to take great care of it!

Speaking of taking care of things, no matter what you do, try to look for light sources with coverings around the bulbs: plastic lenses, tempered glass, etc. That will keep the kids and the fixtures safe in case of catastrophe. 

If you have any further questions or need more kids room lighting ideas, contact our lighting specialists at 1-866-688-3562.


Emma Harger - Lights Online

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