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Kitchen Island Lighting

Ever notice that when you're entertaining family or friends, you usually end up gathering in the kitchen? As the hub of the household, it's where people naturally feel comfortable. The kitchen island or bar is a natural place for people to congregate and kitchen islands should always be effectively lit to maximize this space. Kitchen Island Lighting, Kitchen Lighting Trends, Lighting Ideas By Room:

Now, there are more kitchen island lighting options available than ever before! Because you probably do much of your food preparation at your kitchen island or bar, downward-facing task lighting (also known as downlighting) is the best option here. Consider these kitchen island lighting ideas:

  • Kitchen Island Lights: These special chandeliers are typically more elongated than standard chandeliers, making them better suited for illuminating kitchen islands. They are available in uplight and downlight versions, so you can easily achieve your desired level of formality and focused light.
  • Mini Pendants: Recently, mini pendants have gained tremendous popularity as a kitchen island lighting option. For the best results, use them in multiples; you may need a conversion canopy to achieve this if you're replacing a single fixture in that area. For a modern look, choose a clean look with a metallic finish. If your décor is traditional, choose a mini pendant style with more detailing.
  • Pot Racks: These chandeliers offer a unique solution for kitchen island lighting! Both stylish and functional, they allow you to show off your high-end cookware and free up cabinet space at the same time.

Updating your kitchen island lighting can make all the difference in your kitchen design, creating an even more inviting atmosphere for entertaining. In our huge selection of kitchen island lights, mini pendants and pot racks, you are sure to find a design that's a perfect fit for your home.

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