Now available in a wide variety of intensities and stylish designs, fluorescent lights are a smart and attractive option that will light your room well and save you money on energy. Learn more about the new fluorescents!

More About Fluorescent Lighting 

Ah the lowly fluorescent light. Yes, the lights found in mall dressing rooms are terrible. But, fluorescent lighting is far, far more than the flickering tubes found above your cubicle. Modern fluorescent light fixtures are available in a dazzling array of forms and styles that will work in any setting. So forget the lights in your break room, and check out our collection of fluorescent lights below!  And if you're looking for other types of fluorescent fixtures,  view our selection of compact fluorescent ceiling lights, bath lights, wall sconces, wall lamps, outdoor ceiling lights and outdoor wall lights.


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What You Should Know About Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lights last about 10 times longer than the traditional incandescent variety and replacing a regular light bulb with a fluorescent can save up to 75% on lighting energy! Achieving a flattering look in your home using a fluorescent light is easy. Fixtures with fabric shades or frosted glass soften the look of the fluorescent bulb. Installing a dimmer is another great option.

While we can't blame you for thinking of the annoying, flickering light above your workstation, modern fluorescent light fixtures are way more diverse, and nowhere near as obnoxious. Keep in mind that the lighting in your office is purely functional and very, very cost efficient. Your office manager doesn't care about lighting temperature, or decor. Thankfully you can! Modern lighting manufacturers have been making elegant, stylish designs that happen to feature fluorescent lighting for some time now. Forget the image of the long, bland tube lights found in offices and mall dressing rooms around the country; the fluorescent light fixtures that we offer are here to make your home as striking and beautiful as possible.  

Read more about fluorescent lighting and other energy-efficient options in Energy Wise Lighting Solutions.

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