1. Quoizel ANA5005K Alana 23.25" 5-Light Chandelier in Mystic Black
  2. Quoizel ANA5008K Alana 30" 8-Light Chandelier in Mystic Black
  3. Quoizel ANA5009K Alana 32" 9-Light Chandelier in Mystic Black
  4. Quoizel ANA5015K Alana 41" 15-Light Chandelier in Mystic Black
  5. Quoizel BSN5006EK Basin 25" 6-Light Chandelier in Earth Black
  6. Quoizel CNT5005VG Chantelle 28" 5-Light Chandelier in Vintage Gold

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  7. Quoizel CNT5204VG Chantelle 20.5" 4-Light Chandelier in Vintage Gold
  8. Quoizel CRY5005PN Ceremony 25" 5-Light Chandelier in Palladian Bronze

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  9. Quoizel CRY5006PN Ceremony 28" 6-Light Chandelier in Palladian Bronze
  10. Quoizel DBN5005BN Dublin 26" 5-Light Press Clr Glass Chandelier in Brushed Nickel

Chandeliers - Crystal, Contemporary, Mini Chandeliers & More -

What You Should Know About Chandeliers
Elegant, striking and traditionally the centerpiece light fixture in any home setting, the chandelier is the ultimate in ceiling lighting. By bringing a mixture of decorative panache and functional lighting, the chandelier is the one light fixture that is truly equal parts form and function. Our selection of chandeliers spans the gamut of traditional crystal fixtures to modern LED-based pieces– and everything in between!
Our diverse collection of modern, traditional and transitional chandeliers makes it easy for you to find the perfect jewelry for your home. Remember that even though chandeliers traditionally evoke images of formal, expensive dining rooms, they are available in a huge variety of decor styles and are now more affordable and attainable than you might think! They're even being used to illuminate a variety of rooms far beyond the classic dining room chandelier. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even in closets, chandeliers are being used in more ways than ever!
A crystal chandelier always makes a grand statement while trendy mini chandeliers are being used more and more frequently to jazz up smaller spaces, like children's rooms and bathrooms. Whatever space you're looking to update, you'll want to make sure to choose a piece that complements the room, both in size and architectural style. Read Chandelier Lighting 101, see our video on How to Choose a Chandelier and check out our Chandelier Buying Guide for helpful tips!