Ceiling Lights
What You Should Know About Ceiling Lights
Ceiling light fixtures are easily the most popular fixtures in residential lighting. From pendants to chandeliers to track lighting and pool table lights, there are several applications and countless designs for ceiling fixtures. When it comes to choosing lights for the ceiling, keep in mind the type of space you're working with and the tasks (if any) you'll perform in the space.

Ceiling Lights


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Ceiling lights to fit any space and style
There are so many different ceiling lights to choose from that the possibilities are endless. Chandeliers are a classic way to light a home and are available in any shape and size you want. These provide a great choice for general room lighting while secondary fixtures like pendants can add a romantic glow or help illuminate a shadowy area. Specialty ceiling fixtures like pot rack lights, pool table lights and island lights also have their uses! Ceiling lights are a practical way to provide general lighting in a space. For more on using general lighting, also called ambient lighting, please see What Is Ambient Lighting?