Get the Lighting Featured on Property Brothers: Nicole and Colby

By on Aug 14, 2014

Ever had a ceiling nearly fall in on top of you? Well, that happened to Jonathan Scott on last night’s Property Brothers as he was taking a look at a ceiling in the newly-purchased house of Nicole and Colby, a very down-to-earth couple with an abiding love for their dog Bogey. Jonathan expressed worry about the ceiling coming down and then–the exact thing happened! But he got out of the way and nobody was hurt.

Once that old ceiling was dealt with and the rest of the renovations were done, though, the house looked so great that Nicole was nearly moved to tears! Better yet, the job was done with some great lighting provided by our parent company, Progressive Lighting. We also offer the lighting and ceiling fans that were featured.

Nicole and Colby's living and dining room from Property Brothers on LightsOnline Blog

Check out the use of color and pattern in this living room with very tall ceilings! Orange works really well in here, helping to warm up the large leather sectional and adding visual intrigue to the windows. Notice how grouping the furniture like this has effectively created two separate rooms in one large open area. The Savoy House Maremma pendant hangs over the dining table. Nicole and Colby's living and dining room from Property Brothers on LightsOnline Blog

Here is a closer look. Did you know all chain-hung Savoy House fixtures come with 10 feet of chain? Even if you have a high ceiling, you’ll be able to hang your light at a reasonable level!

Nicole and Colby's patio from Property Brothers - LightsOnline Blog

This porch area looked pretty bad before, but has now become a stylish and very usable area for dining, hosting parties or just enjoying the scenery. Better yet, when it gets hot (and since this is Atlanta, it will get hot), there’s a durable ceiling fan right there: the Savoy House Hyannis. Built for use in damp areas, it features a central light source protected by a column of India scavo glass and a cage, so it can be used for climate control and ambient light too!

Nicole and Colby's mudroom from Property Brothers - LightsOnline Blog

A foyer, entryway or mudroom is a great place to put a ceiling flush mount light, especially if the ceilings are not very high. You get the light you need and no one hits their head. What’s not to love? This Savoy House flush mount (since discontinued) features a nice little touch of metalwork to keep it from being too plain. It fits well with the drawer pulls and baskets.

Can lighting and under-cabinet lighting are used in the kitchen. The layout was such that they couldn’t add a permanent island, which Nicole wanted quite a lot, but a nice compromise was made with that island on wheels. That’s a good solution because it can be moved out of the way!

Nicole and Colby's kitchen island from Property Brothers on LightsOnline Blog

It adds a cool touch of rustic style (Colby’s favorite) to the otherwise sleek kitchen.

Nicole and Colby's herringbone backsplash on Property Brothers via LightsOnline Blog

This picture is just for the benefit of my #teamtile friends on Twitter. Look at this backsplash! What a fun pattern and I love the glossy sheen.

Photos of the rooms are from HGTV and Property Brothers’ Pinterest. A comprehensive sourcing guide is available if you want info on non-lighting elements seen here.

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