Spa Bathroom Lighting Ideas and Inspirations with Archway Construction

By on Aug 26, 2014

Spa bathroom lighting ideas, picture from Archway Construction - Lights Online Blog

The idea of the bathroom as a stylish, well-designed and secluded place to go relax and let the day melt away is a very popular one. For example, there are thousands and thousands of pictures on Houzz of “spa bathroom”! A spa bathroom is a way to bring the secluded and peaceful idea of a spa right into your own home! Even a quick pop into the bathroom to wash your face or take a short shower feels like an indulgent treat in a bathroom like this one above, which is from our friends at Chicago’s Archway Construction.

Some great spa bathroom lighting ideas are on display in the picture here. Let’s take a closer look at them.

First of all, there are some great layers of light! In addition to what looks like a skylight (sure, it’s a different method of illumination, but it still looks great) there are can lights and sleek sconces. There’s even a can light in the shower so you can see well in there for tasks like shaving. If you do decide to add lighting in the actual shower area of your bathroom, you need to make sure the light is rated for that use. Ask your electrician for advice. Anything to do with mixing electricity and water is a time when you need an electrician.

The sconces are sleek, slender and contemporary. Since they don’t take up a ton of visual space, this kind of sconce is great for small and large bathrooms alike! If you like this kind of look and want to get it in your home, try fixtures like:

George Kovacs Saber, also available in LED

Hudson Valley Nyack

ET2 Cilandro II, which uses fluorescent light

Hudson Valley Cornwall

Maxim Lighting Corona

Quoizel Taylor

Feiss Payne

Hudson Valley Brighton

Clean white walls take light well and bring a calming, serene feeling as soon as you enter the room. It’s a great backdrop for the stylish tiling in the shower and on the floor. There’s also a lovely dark wood door, floating vanity and frame for the mirror. Dark, natural tones like stone and wood are excellent additions to a spa bathroom, as are tiles, especially mosaics with a tactile feel to them.

But, so as to keep this bathroom from looking too impersonal, there are also some fun pops of color in the towel and storage box on the shelf above the toilet, as well as a framed picture. The shelf matches the vanity and helps tie everything together.

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Thanks to Archway Construction for providing this great photo and for the collaboration. You can read their side of this collaboration now. Previously, we collaborated on kitchen lighting trends.


  1. I’m glad to see side sconces vs overhead sconces. We all look better when lit from the side like theater lighting. And if we don’t look good to ourselves, well it would defeat the whole purpose of going to the spa, right? Thanks for the post and some great lighting sources.

    1. Well-said, Irene! It’s so important to look and feel great and sconces mounted beside a bathroom mirror really help with that. Thank you for the comment!

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