Shadow Casting: The Beauty of Light and Shadow in Lighting

By on May 28, 2015

Maxim Lighting recently sent out an email that included many pictures of beautiful light fixtures, all of them sharing an intriguing trait: designs that create really dramatic, gorgeous light beams and shadows on the wall or ceiling. This phenomenon, explained Maxim, is called shadow casting. It’s just another way in which lighting is truly stunning. Why don’t we take a look at some examples of shadow casting so you can see this for yourself? Click on the pictures below to enlarge them so you can enjoy the effect even more.

Maxim Lighting Chantilly - Lights Online Blog

This is an underside view of the Maxim Lighting Chantilly. Its woven, gathered strands of chain allow for this pattern of shadow and light.

ET2 Zen - Lights Online Blog

The futuristic crystal-bedecked arms of the ET2 Zen can be spied in its shadows.

ET2 Mystic - Lights Online Blog

Much like the Maxim Lighting Chantilly, the dramatic ET2 Mystic has chains that allow light to shine through, though obstructed, and create stunning shadow casting. (If you’re wondering: that purple glow is most likely created by LED tape mounted inside the tray ceiling.)

ET2 Inca - Lights Online Blog

Thanks to a laser-cut shade and descending rows of faceted crystals within the open drum design, the ET2 Inca casts beautiful shadows and shine on the ceiling and walls.

Maxim Lighting Comet - Lights Online Blog

Shadow casting isn’t just for the ceiling! The Maxim Lighting Comet has a design that combines polished chrome and beveled glass crystals for a cool contemporary appeal.

ET2 Illusion - Lights Online Blog

Because the ET2 Illusion has an etched, perforated geometric pattern, it’s an ideal candidate for shadow casting. Don’t you just love those big bubbly crystal baubles dangling down, too?


ET2 Bloom - Lights Online Blog

The ET2 Bloom has an organic inspiration in its dramatic blown glass flower-shaped shades. Its shadow casting is a little more subtle, but still visible.

ET2 Fiori - Lights Online Blog

I love the hand-formed Murano glass flowers on the ET2 Fiori pendant. Its shadow casting is an ethereal glow.

Varaluz Fascination - Lights Online Blog!

Sometimes a light’s name just perfectly describes how it makes you feel. Such is the Varaluz Fascination, its shade crafted from recycled steel circles, many of those circles filled with brown recycled glass discs.

Varaluz Pinwheel - Lights Online Blog

Curled, twisted aluminum ribbons in the Varaluz Pinwheel contribute to its dramatic shadow casting.

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